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Charlotte, Auntie Jenna, and cousin Paige's first picture together


Happy baby
Charlotte Rose and Daddy
Charlotte Rose

If I would have known how much I'd love having a newborn I would have done this years ago!

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Cherry Molasses muffins

Ella wanted to bake yesterday, but I was out of many of the baking essentials (white flour, butter, sugar, and I only had one egg...). I decided that we could come up with some kind of muffin using whatever random ingredients I did have. In New Orleans there is this chef, Paul Prudhomme, who makes the most wonderful food in the world. Seriously. It's amazing. So amazing that he weighed over a quarter of a ton before having gastric bypass. I would have to say, if I were going to eat something that was going to put me over the 500lb mark, his food would be my top pick. And, really, this post doesn't have anything to do with him, since I packed up all my cookbooks and I couldn't find his recipe for what I wanted! He makes these molasses muffins... delicious. But I couldn't remember the name, so I couldn't find them online. I made my own version instead, which really were nothing like his, but they were good! And when I find his recipe, I'll make those too.

2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup wheat germ
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt (heaping)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup molasses
1 1/4 cup milk
1 egg
1 cup cherries

I also added some honey, but I let Ella do it while I was turning on the oven. So, about as much honey as a small four year old can squeeze out of the honey bear in 30 seconds

Throw in all the dry ingredients, mix in the wet, add the cherries at the end. The batter is a bit runny, but it still rises well. Bake at 350 for about 25min.

The girls

Now that I'm off bed rest I'm back to watching Gwyneth and Ella, which I've missed terribly. One of the worst parts of having to sit around was not being able to see them. Ella and I have been hanging out all morning and I swear that she got way funnier in the last 3 weeks since I saw her last. Here's some of the 4 year old wisdom she's imparted to me in just the last hour

"Naynay, your belly, like the shape of it, looks just like an ice cream, like a strawberry one with chocolate because your belly is pink but your shirt is black and it's squishing your belly in. Your baby really got big."

"Oh, you have a cactus plant. Do you know... cactus are called cactus because they cack? Cacking is like... well, it's a thing only cactus do, so people named them cactus."

"I'd like to go to the park today, but I don't know if you can walk there with that (patting my belly) because it got, like, really big since I saw you before"

"Are those pickles babies? I've never seen a baby one. Awwww they're so cute and little and you can't even tell that they're sad because somebody ate their mommies"

"I just was petting Dax but I uncluded my thumb because it has an owie." 

When I asked for a clarification of the word "uncluded" I got this "Oh, you know, it means like when you don't want to play with a certain friend you unclude them, but it's not nice so I don't ever do it. I only can unclude my fingers when they're hurt but not any people ever."


36 weeks and counting

By this time I assume we've all figured out that I'm a huge blog slacker! I just got off two weeks of bed rest, so you'd think I could have updated my blog about twenty times or so with the many hours I spent sitting around. And I could have, but my brain seriously doesn't function at the same capacity it did before I got pregnant. If I remember about the existence of my blog, I'm not around my computer. Then, by the time I get to the computer, I forget what I was going to do. If by chance I do remember, I log on and immediately am struck with fuzz for a brain; seriously, not an intelligent thought in there. So, I turn off the computer and forget for another three weeks, following which I turn on the computer and forget what I was going to do... It's a vicious cycle. 

Here's what's been going on in the last couple months: I grew a belly. Ignore all my previous insistence that I had one. I was ignorant, and I've confessed. I went into preterm labor two more times and got put on bed rest for two weeks. I realized I wasn't nearly as aware about how much of a trial pregnancy can be until I got put on bed rest. I lasted about one day on full bed rest before deciding that it needed a bit of modification. I finally got freed from bed rest on Saturday and have since been researching every possible way to go into labor. However, I've also realized how quiet my life is, how lacking of a screaming baby my nights are, how easy it is to run errands and cook meals, take showers, play with my dog, sit with my husband, and especially how relatively pain free it is to keep my baby in there as opposed to what's coming to get her out. Overall, I'm conflicted about if I want to go into labor now that I can. The only problem is this belly of mine. I don't like it! Well, that and the fact that I do want to meet this little girl at some point. My plan is to try and ignore my massive stomach, and enjoy the last few days or weeks of the end of our life without a baby. 

Here are some pictures. We hiked Madonna yesterday. I forgot about my resolve to stay pregnant. It was a moment of weakness somewhat similar to the one I plan to have today when I take Darla jogging on the beach.